Some Sites Close with Confirmed COVID-19 Cases


The sharp rise in cases of coronavirus in California has again forced the closure of thousands of businesses, from indoor dining to zoos, all to slow the outbreak. While the construction industry is considered essential and remains open, recent cases of COVID-19 reported among construction workers shines light on the importance of construction industry safety protocols. 


Job Sites not immune to Coronavirus


Multiple cases of COVID-19 were reported in early June among construction workers in Santa Clara County. Nine construction sites had at least one confirmed case. Three other sites, two in San Jose and one in Milpitas, each had between three and five cases.  


A construction site in Mountain View reported the largest outbreak: 10 cases and more than 30 potential exposures. After learning of the first case, the construction company notified the county’s public health department and then closed the site at the request of the county.


Santa Clara County health officer Dr. Sara Cody commented, “These cases emphasize the fact that we are still in the midst of a pandemic.” Her office echoes what many other health officials also remind, “Our success in this next phase depends on everyone’s faithful implementation of social distancing protocols, consistently wearing face coverings, and collectively following new norms of behavior that keep the spread of COVID-19 as low as possible.”


Construction safety protocol important for projects to continue


At the beginning of 2020, the construction industry in California (and across the county) was running at near-peak capacity. It has since taken quite a hit with the onset of coronavirus; the supply chain for materials has been impacted and it’s become necessary to institute construction industry safety protocols on jobsites. While these practices may seem restrictive, they are vital for productivity. Project delays and more construction site shutdowns may become necessary if outbreaks continue.


RebuildSoCal’s COVID-19 Microsite


During this pandemic, construction workers have a lot of questions about their health, job and working conditions. In an effort to address these inquiries and provide resources, including safety information, procedure directives, and industry updates, RebuildSoCal has created a one-stop resource, the RebuildSoCal COVID-19 Microsite.